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What's her job?

Most of the town was sleeping.

Sandeep never did like you very much.

That hasn't happened.

Something horrible is going to happen.


Rodent whispered into Russell's ear.

Did it snow last night?

Honestly, I can't trust him.

Tollefsen had some money stolen from his tent.

We miss them.

Do you think about us a lot?

The insider trading scandal put a lot of people out of business.


I'm not busy today.

I don't want to go with him.

You missed him, didn't you?

Columbus claimed the Earth was round.

Nicolas made friends with Hon.

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The elder brother was living in a village and had grown neither rich nor poor.

Which road should I take?

Do you still write music?


I've had a wonderful time here.

She isn't what she appears to be.

We're not poor.

John Kerry was born in Colorado in 1943.

I haven't called them back.

Can you repeat what you said?

I want to speak to him alone.


She's your wife? There's more to you than meets the eye.

Rayan didn't say where he was going.

We've had that before a thousand times.

I haven't put new strings on my guitar in a long time.

So far nothing has happened.

I miss those days.

Nothing is to be compared to its beauty.

She enjoyed the life on board.

I think I'll call Vidhyanath.


I'm going to talk about pollution and its effects.

The following day, however, the doctor consoled him by telling him that his chances of being able to leave hospital in time for New Year celebrations were good.

They don't create any problem because they are in five floors up.


The resolution was not approved immediately.

He tried again, but in vain.

Native Chinese people are working alongside foreigners to change the culture of Shanghai.

In spite of the fact that she was busy, she came to see me.

A stranger came up, asking me the way to the museum.

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She misses her family very much.

Was that for me?

Bea drank some orange juice.

I visited the barbershop.

Among so many actions committed by dictators, we can mention that: they suspend political activity, they suspend the rights of workers, they forbid strikes, they destroy the Supreme Court of Justice, they shutdown nighttime places of business, they censure the mass media, they burn thousands of books and magazines considered dangerous.

I think I know Margaret's secret.

Lawrence raked in money during the war.

Is this amount inclusive of GST, or does it have to be added on?

He said that he had Eskimo ancestry.

Sea levels around the world are rising.

I don't like what Swamy is doing.

Is anyone hurt?

We have a small chance of winning.

When he came to he found himself lying in a small, windowless cell.

She's a smart and independent girl.

I didn't know your uncle lived in Eger.

I have the feeling that Allan won't call me.

I was lucky to be there.

Where should we go next?

I know you're in here.

The music of Mozart is always pleasing to me.

It's OK to leave the baby to cry on occasion.

I think you should stop watching TV and get some exercise.

It's easy for you.

I have no idea what Ofer is talking about.


Who wants this?

It is I that am responsible for the accident.

I have seen "Star Wars" twice.

The mystery story is so hard that I don't like it.

The students don't have the financial means in which to buy food.

I have just returned from Britain.

If I'd had just a little more money, I could've bought that camera I wanted.

Bertrand knew who Dave said she was planning to get married to.

Why did you get such a costly dictionary?

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It has improved compared to how it was before.

What're you insinuating?

Why do we need it?

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Why did you have the lights turned off?

Should I let him kiss me?

I know of him, but I don't know him personally.

It's the best feeling.

His antisocial behavior isolated him.


We've got to finish this job.

That's a delicate problem.

He will be reading a historical novel.


He has a morbid fondness for murder mysteries.

You shouldn't eat garlic before going out on a date.

It's good to be back in Boston.


Todd has been acting weird today.

Unless there is a miracle, we won't be able to make it on time.

She had at least four faults.

I am prettier than you.

He would laugh.

I'm glad you're all right.

George is very honest by nature.

I wake up very early.

Dear passengers, we now ask you to place your luggage under the seat in front of you, lift the table and backrest upright, lower the armrest, fasten your safety belt and open the window shutters.

Ernest decided that it wasn't necessary to go into the office today.

Someday the new research work will be completed.

He was a man of average height.

They believed that.


Rodger's room is very messy.

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Why don't you ever want to talk about the past?

Sunday is the day when people go to church.

Is that what you really wish?

The photo shows a group of the congress participants.

Travelling is one of the saddest pleasures of life.


We've got to warn them.

No matter how many troops they have or how much firepower they have, we'll crush them if they invade our country.

It's just a matter of form.

The crowd rushed to the exit.

They're obsessed.

Sherri thinks of everything.

I will lose weight.

Dean didn't make it to Amir's party.

Christianity has many followers.

The man is strong.

That was indeed the result of the vote.

Byron will start.

I sort of like him.

I think Brandi is bright.

Of all the places I've been, Alaska is the most beautiful.

Union members railed against proposals to cut weekend penalty rates.

We tried to come to a compromise with them.

I'm sorry to bother you at home.

He couldn't have put it more plainly.

Oh my God, she's wearing the same dress as me!

In Danny's school, students learn Klingon as a second language.


God has chosen to save only a few individuals.

How do I fix this problem?

If it tastes bad, spit it out.

I just don't feel like it.

Ozan's wife called.


Gilles is slightly suspicious.

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The corruption of the best is the worst.

Their success has a lot to do with their diligence.

I can suggest to you some very good websites for your study.

Are you in favor of the new law?

I just need to find out why Kenn didn't come.

If somebody wants to bad-mouth you, you should just let them say whatever they want. It's a waste of time to get bothered by it.

Wouldn't that be cool?

A Mr Smith came to see you during your absence.

Grave fears are held for Ned's safety.


She seems excited.

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He reached out for the sugar that was on the table.

I like summer better than winter.

Bad weather delayed takeoff for two hours.

It wasn't all that funny.

Phill is traveling now.


The people there are not so dumb.


The kidnappers whisked Doug into a van and quickly drove away.

The man never told the police what his destination was.

I'm not used to drinking tap water.


It's unauthorized.

Dalton says he has no idea what to do.

I'm working on my report right now.

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Please be polite.

Be sure to turn off the gas before you go out.

You can also use the Ctrl+Alt+R keyboard shortcut.


I feel like eating something that isn't sweet.

We've got nothing to lose.

Many people drink water out of the kitchen faucet.

I know you like what Part gave me.

Suwandi always seems to be happy.

Call me if anything changes.

Tolerant uses honey instead of sugar.

She said she was nurse, which was a lie.

We'll never ever forget Soohong.